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Work Well: Back Care for the 9-to-5 Athlete

Research has shown that all the hours we spend sitting at our desks can place more stress on our spines than working out all day long! Yes, any all-day activity can stress the spine, but it’s also true that movement is essentially medicine for the spine. It’s the movement of the spine that promotes better hydration, oxygenation, and nutrition to its discs. And while you likely can’t quit your job and run out and join a sports team to earn a living, sticking to your workout, stretching sessions, and periodic adjustments can help you keep your spine and its discs healthy.

The great news is, research has also shown that those valuable nutrients that movement and adjustments help deliver to the discs can help better facilitate your body’s healing processes, including flushing out inflammatory substances.

Peak performance during your work week might mean nailing that presentation and being able to celebrate with an activity you love. Whatever peak performance means to you, pain doesn’t have to slow you down. Stick to your adjustments to support an active lifestyle whatever you do, and if you’re looking for some exercises and stretches to match your routine, just ask. Make time for your self-care. Your body will thank you.


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