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Fishers Chiropractor About Us

Get empowered to discover better health and enjoy a brighter future, naturally.

Dr. Scott Minton began practicing at Indiana Chiropractic Center in 2016, bringing the latest in chiropractic research and techniques to the community of Fishers. We’re always seeking the most modern, advanced ways to get you the best results, making every effort to help you recover your health and live better.

Find a Better Way to Live

At Indiana Chiropractic Center, Dr. Minton focuses on family-based, corrective care chiropractic. You might be experiencing challenges such as pain or discomfort, or have been diagnosed with a particular condition that isn’t responding well to other types of care. Perhaps you’d like to avoid taking medications or having potentially risky surgeries. In the caring hands of Dr. Minton, you’ll be started on a path to help you get better and stay well in the future.

With experience treating a wide variety of different conditions including headaches and low back pain, Dr. Minton is ready to help you recover and enjoy greater well-being.

We understand that in today’s busy world, it’s hard to find the time to schedule an appointment. We’ll do everything possible to arrange a visit with us that fits easily into your life. Contact our practice today to book a time with Dr. Minton!

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