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Why Do Chiropractors Adjust Kids?

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Fredrick Douglas

When taking a big-picture look at the patient base in the office, the vast majority of people that we see are of the adult variety. That’s true for chiropractic clinics across the board, most people in the community start having aches and pains in their adult life that cause them to seek care, and voila they’re seeing a chiropractor.

Still, a significant amount of patients are kids, and often times the parents have chosen to have them receive care to prevent a smaller issue from becoming a bigger problem. This can include infants and toddlers coming in because they’ve been sleeping poorly at night, scoliosis management in preteens, proactive and preventative treatments in high school athletes, and a variety of other treatment goals!

I personally fell into the high school athlete category when first getting into chiropractic care. As a year-round swimmer, chiropractic care helped with low back and shoulder aches that tend to develop from the repetitive nature of swimming with the same motions again…and again…and again.

If you’re a parent considering chiropractic for your kid, know that it’s a very light treatment. Especially for the really young ones, where it’s more of a gentle gliding of the spine into the right alignment. The youngest individual I’ve adjusted was 3 weeks old, and chiropractic care for someone that age and size is much different than for a full-grown individual!

- Dr. Scott Minton

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