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Who's up for a Game of Thrones Marathon?!

Fun fact, I’ve only seen two episodes of Game of Thrones in my life. Given the recent season bringing it to the series finale, and the fear of missing out that’s gone along, I think it’d be best to have a full-series binge watch to stay in the loop of what happened!!

Just kidding.

Too much of a good thing (such as sitting) can lead to a wide variety of back problems!

Too much of a good thing (such as sitting) can lead to a wide variety of back problems!

I think it’s pretty obvious that anyone did sit through all of Game of Thrones (Every. Single. Season.), that’d really be too much of a good thing. Probably get bored and restless at some point, regardless of how many dragons and special effects there are.

As that translates to what we see in spine care and chiropractic, the most common issues are from too much of a good thing – sitting, looking at a computer screen or cell phones, unnatural sleeping positions, etc. All of those in small doses are totally fine, but when they become the norm on a day-in, day-out basis, that’s where our bodies can’t handle it. Especially when you consider that we weren’t trained to do those activities back in the caveman days.

The take-home message is that you should be aware of what you may be doing too much of, but thankfully we do have chiropractic care to help undo the stress from those stressors!

(And now, I wish I had one last line to tie everything back to Game of Thrones…no luck. Something about John Snow, perhaps?  I’ll get back to you after the watching marathon.)

- Dr. Scott Minton

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