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When Should You See a Personal Injury Attorney?

I apologize ahead of time for my delayed timing in writing this blog! While I usually try to sit down and type it up on Thursday mornings, this past Thursday I was in a meeting instead. It was a fun get-to-know-each other meeting at the office of an attorney in downtown Indianapolis. He actually specializes in helping people in their settlements after auto accidents, so it’s great to have another resource I can point patients towards!

A lot of people think that after their automobile accidents, they can negotiate a settlement just as well as anyone else. That’s not necessarily the case. Yes, a lot of the car insurance companies make it easy to submit information to them (including pictures of the damaged vehicle, contact information for healthcare providers they’re seeing for their injuries, etc.). But when it comes time to receive fair compensation for damages, having an attorney that knows how to best represent your case can often times allow you to settle for thousands of dollars more than you would by going solo.

For automobile accident patients in the office, we do recommend at least talking to an attorney to get an understanding of their options. If you’re in a car accident and don’t want to see an attorney, will we allow you to be a patient? Of course! But we do recommend having them help with your legal needs, while we help with your healthcare needs.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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