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When Circumstances are Outside of Our Control

Solid chance that Governor Holcomb’s press conference today will be among his most-viewed addresses to the public. With Indianapolis extending their shutdown, we all really want to know what the flip is happening with the rest of the state. Obviously we all HOPE that it’s safe to begin the process of opening things back up, but he’s the one with all the information to make that call.

Any time we’re in a position where we’re stuck waiting for new developments, I always find myself circling back to a simple question, “am I controlling everything I can control”. If the answer is yes, then great – the chips can fall where they may, and I’ll live with it.

This is one of those situations. If we extend the shutdown for a couple of more weeks, Indiana Chiropractic Center will still be taking the approach that we are available for patient appointments, we are maintaining sanitary guidelines, but we do understand when patients are unable to come in for appointments because of the shutdown.

For many of our chiropractic patients, rehabbing the spine may be a similar scenario. In more extreme cases, results can take longer than originally expected because of how long it took to develop; or, the reality of the situation may be that the arthritic changes are so far progressed that our care will have limited benefit…but we just don’t know for sure at certain stages of care.

For those sorts of patients, it’s just as important to control what you can control. Minimizing stresses outside of the office, giving consistent chiropractic care a fair shot to aid in recovery, and doing home exercises…all very basic concepts, but those are the main behaviors that we can control.

And once those are handled, let the chips fall where they may.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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