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If you currently experience pain or discomfort, you no longer have to suffer needlessly. Even greater, receiving treatment does not have to require going into a hospital setting and risk exposure to illnesses. At Indiana Chiropractic Center, we will help you at the source. This means examining the spine to find the root of the problem, fixing it, and figuring out how to make sure the problem does not return.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling the office at (317) 598-5221 or by filling out the form below. You will also find information about this month’s new patient special. Make sure you mention that when you contact us.

New Patient Special

This month we are offering an exam, consultation, and X-Rays for only $21.

This allows you $179 off your first visit!


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Meet Dr. Scott Minton

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My Promise To You…

Finding your perfect chiropractor can be stressful, but there’s no sense in making it more stressful than it needs to be. Obviously there are a lot of factors that go into how great your results are and there’s no way I can promise that everyone who is under my care will be able to run faster and be able to jump tall buildings with a single bound. But I can ease some of your initial concerns by giving you my No-Brainer Money Back Guarantee. So if at any point during your consultation, initial evaluation or report of findings and recommendations that I do not feel like I can help you OR you decide that I’m not the perfect chiropractor for you, you do not owe us a dime, and we will refund any money you paid for your initial visit. What that means that I take all the risk and stress from you so there is zero risk on your part to find out if I can help. That’s my promise to you.

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