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Warning: Not as Fun of a Blog as Last Week

I appreciate all the email responses from people who got a kick out of my misery in last week’s blog! (For those who didn’t get a chance to read it, I also posted as a blog that you can find HERE). I really do value the feedback from those of you who take the time read what I type out weekly. And going forward, if you have any comments, questions, or snide remarks, please feel free to send them my way by sending a response email!

I didn’t have any humorous life events this past week, so that makes it tougher to make the content for a blog this week. But the thing is, the real value of action comes from doing the right thing consistently over time.

I believe that the importance of continuing to type up these emails is greater than the challenge of feeling like there is a lack of content. Similarly, for you and your health goals, I believe that the importance of the mundane activities is greater than any lost motivation you may feel on a given day.

It’s not flashy to eat salads and go to the gym every day, but keep showing up. It’s easier to stay motivated when you understand why you’re doing it, and to understand the “so that” side of things. You’re not just eating a salad to eat a salad. You’re eating a salad so that you can lose weight and have more energy throughout the day. You’re going to the gym so that you can prevent heart disease and feel better about yourself.

So I’m going to keep on writing these newsletters so that I can keep connecting with you guys. And so that when the time comes for you to need a chiropractor, hopefully you trust me to be the guy for you.

Hopefully more entertainment happens this next week for me to pass along to you all!

– Dr. Scott Minton

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