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Spine Fusion? You May Need a Chiropractor!

Fishers Chiropractor Helps after Spine Surgery

Spine surgery, although uncommon, is performed for a variety of reasons. One type of back surgery, fusion, is occasionally performed by surgeons in order to stabilize certain conditions. These situations include severe scoliosis (when the spine curves too much when looking at it from the front), a herniated disc, trauma-based instability, and spine fractures.

Many people think that once a fusion surgery is performed and metal rods are inserted into the spine, that individual is no longer a candidate for chiropractic care. While this reasoning can be understood, the reality is that this could not be further from the truth. In fact, spinal fusion patients are among those with the greatest need for chiropractic care!

What happens after spinal fusion? The areas above and below the fusion carry exponentially more stress!

What happens after spinal fusion? The areas above and below the fusion carry exponentially more stress!


Chiropractic Care after Surgery

After the metal rods are placed for surgical fusion, it would be unsafe to put an adjustment of any force into that site of fusion. When we look at the segments adjacent to the fusion – that is, immediately above and below the procedure – then we start to notice that those areas begin absorbing even more stress than before. This is a compounding effect, where a larger fusion means more stress carried by the adjacent


Chiropractic adjustments can help those adjacent areas handle that stress effectively. Each adjustment can provide proper movement into the correct region, and in doing so the body can age as well as possible. Additionally, therapies can be provided to relieve stress in the muscles that can develop in areas such as the upper back and shoulders.


If you have continued tension buildup after a successful or unsuccessful surgical fusion, know that treatment options are available for you. Call today to schedule your first visit. I will perform all necessary diagnostic x-rays for your spine, work with you to develop a plan to meet your needs and goals, and support you as best fit.

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