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Smoke, Then Fire

This morning I was listening to an influential online presence in my life, Gary Vaynerchuk. He puts out a lot of content about social media, business development, self-improvement…just about anything you can imagine. (Heads up, if you choose to look into him, he doesn’t really hold back in the profanity department.)

In the piece I was listening to, he was talking about how he needs to talk out loud about his lifestyle changes before he implements them. It basically brainwashes and hard-wires his brain to do what he needs it to do. He phrased it as “first smoke, then fire“.

Something I’ve noticed about myself, is that I perform best that way as well. Some of the strongest changes I’ve made into my lifestyle, in the office, and in my health have come AFTER telling the people closest to me. In a way, it holds me accountable because I don’t want to be all talk to them.

If you’re currently struggling in making a health change, you might want to consider if you need to tell people about what you’re wanting to do. That can help keep you accountable, and you may just pick up a sounding board for ideas to work out the kinks along the way!

– Dr. Scott Minton

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