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Pregnancy Support with Chiropractic Care

Expecting Mothers Need Chiropractic Support

When developing treatment plans and protocols in chiropractic, certain stresses and conditions require an increased frequency of care. This increased frequency allows us to use the repetition of the adjustment to our advantage in order to create long-term changes in the health of one’s spine, and in turn the health of their nervous system.

When it comes to pregnancy, however, we are looking at a completely different approach. When considering the approach for pregnancy-related care, we need to consider the continuously increasing physical stress on the spine – especially the low back. On top of that, however, we need to understand how the hormonal changes influence the spine’s response to chiropractic care. In particular, the hormone called

Pregnancy places much stress on the back, but chiropractic care can help!

Pregnancy places much stress on the back, but chiropractic care can help!

relaxin plays a huge role in spine function; relaxin is responsible for decreasing tension in ligaments and other soft tissues, allowing the flexibility of the pelvis required for childbirth.

Because of this hormone, an overlap of pregnancy support along with long-term correction of any underlying imbalances is not the best approach. Instead, if a pregnant patient begins care at Indiana Chiropractic Center my recommendations are typically as follows:

First Trimester

One adjustment per week. With this frequency, we can begin to set the stage for strong alignment throughout the pregnancy process.

Second Trimester

One adjustment per two weeks. This is the trimester where relaxin is having the strongest influence, so while a biweekly frequency still allows the benefits of the adjustment, anything more than that might be counterproductive.

Third Trimester

One adjustment per week. This is a great frequency for supporting the remainder of pregnancy, relieving the back pain that is common at this stage, and helping support the foundation for a healthy delivery.

Chiropractic Care Provides Pregnancy Pain Relief

During these three phases of care, treatment techniques change. For example, during the second trimester that is where we begin considering alternatives to laying face-down on the adjusting table. During the third trimester, a technique called Webster Technique is introduced for the ligaments that support the uterus (Round Ligaments). This can help with ease of delivery, and in some cases it has been reported to help turn breech babies in the proper position.

Just as with all protocols, an actual plan varies from patient to patient. Not only does each visit get tailored to each individual, but some people need more care, and some people respond well to less care. If you are pregnant, live in the Fishers or Indianapolis area and would like to experience relief throughout the journey, call 317-598-5221 to

schedule an appointment today.

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