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On Our Facemask Policy

Given the current state of Marion County’s facemask policy ordinance, I wanted to take a moment to clarify how Indiana Chiropractic Center is handling the current surge in coronavirus case numbers. As a healthcare office, we’ve been seeing patients since the start of the outbreak and shutdowns. That is still our intention, but we are doing it in a safe and responsible manner.

As of right now, Hamilton County does not require facemask, but the reality remains that our office is only two miles from crossing over into Indy. That is why, until Marion county lifts their order, my assistant and I will be wearing masks in the presence of our patients. This will be done to assure that everyone receiving care is doing so in a safe environment.

Meanwhile, we are going to follow the Hamilton County regulations as far as patient requirements to wear a mask in the office. As it currently stands, wearing a mask is encouraged but not required. For patients with specific immune system needs, or wishing to minimize the number of other individuals in the office, please let me know and we can coordinate a schedule for you. We are also open to you waiting outside the office until the previous appointments finish, then we can call you or come out to let you know we are ready.

I appreciate everyone’s cooperation to keep our community safe. Finding a long-term solution to this pandemic is above my pay grade, but our office is willing to do our part to help along the way!

- Dr. Scott Minton

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