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Ode to Jill

Guess what, guess what, guess what!! Today is a special day! A glorious day, of sorts. On this day, one of the most majestic events occurred in our generation, and will go down in history for eons to come.

Of course, I’m referring to the anniversary of Larry King ending his radio show in 1994.

Just kidding. (Even though he did. The radio show ended on May 27th, 1994. Trust me, I’m a doctor. And I googled it.) The real reason for celebration is for the birthday of my lady-friend, Jill!

She and I have been laughing about the idea of a newsletter/blog titled “Ode to Jill” for several months, and here we go! If you happen to come across her path, make sure to give her a hearty birthday hug!…ok, maybe just a virtual hug. Just as well.

Happy birthday, Jill!

— Dr. Scott Minton

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