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Messages of Positivity From Our Readers!

On our last post I encouraged our readers to get out of the dumps by taking action and changing your focus. By staying out of the news as much as reasonable, and by focusing on the controllable factors and the positive events from your life and others’ lives, I really believe that you’re going to put yourself in a much better position to maintain all aspects of your health. Heck, with all this free time, if one thing you can control is a brand new diet and exercise program, you may turn out having BETTER health than before this health crisis…how about that for an oxymoron!

Thank you to our readers that did submit their positives! Reading them uplifted me throughout the day, and I believe that it will help our community to share some of the positives that were sent to me, so together we can get some positivity brewing:

  • Neighborhood kids have used sidewalk chalk to create art and spread positivity in one reader’s neighborhood! This reader also texted me some very neat painted rocks with small messages on them for even more positivity!
  • Another reader has seen pelicans here in Indy!! Apparently they’re here on their journey from Florida to Canada, who knew? This reader is also getting positivity out of teaching her oldest son how to sound out letters and read (side note: this family also comes in as patients, and I was adjusting this son last week, and he was pointing to the health quotes on our walls and showing off how he knew some letters on them. So cute!). They are also seeing the silver lining of having extra time, and using it to declutter their house and to get grass seed in!
  • One reader pointed out the truth, that any day that we are above ground is an amazing day! And that’s really the truth, that we do have our health, our lives, and people that care about us.

Again, thank you to those of you that shared positivity with me, and that let me share it with the rest of our readers! I hope that we all continue to find positivity with everything that is going on.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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