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Lots of Free Time? Make Sure to Do These Things.

First point I want to continue to emphasize, is that this will end. I know that as we’re going through it, it might not seem that way. As humans we tend to think that whatever’s going on is the way it’s always going to be…that’s not the case. It might be a few weeks, it might be a bit longer, but it is going to end and life will return to normal.

Being prepared and ready for the return to normal is what I want to emphasize as we head into the weekend. In fact, we do have one valuable tool that most people struggle to find regularly: time. Now that we’re not running around all over the place, there’s a period where we don’t have a choice but to have some time. So we can use that as an opportunity to focus on three main things to focus on:

  • Health. Besides this being a health pandemic, this is a perfect window to lock in or establish habits for a healthy lifestyle. Keep eating well, make sure to get outside to get vitamin D. You should be working out every day. This can be simply doing some body-weight exercises like push-ups and sit-ups, going on a run outdoors…just do something. If you are interested in yoga, Heather has been putting out great instructional videos on our Instagram page (@inchirocenter).
  • Read and study. One of the most amazing resources we have as human beings is the fact that we stand on the shoulders of giants. We don’t have to re-learn everything from scratch or re-invent the wheel. Almost everything you want to learn has been written down somewhere. Take advantage of this time by reading a good book, taking an online course, or setting a goal to accomplish a new skillset over the next few weeks or months! This will help find purpose in a culture where we’ve been forced into isolation and potentially some depression from not having a roadmap.
  • Keep up your social relationships. You can facetime with your friends, improve your relationships with your family, and spend more quality time with the people you care about most. We may be distant physically, but that doesn’t mean we have to be isolating socially. Human connection is going to be more important than ever for the next couple weeks.

– Dr. Scott Minton

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