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Keep it Simple, Sweetheart

While the whole world waits for a long-term solution and cure for this pandemic, I think it’s pretty interesting to look at how we’re fixing it while we wait. Interesting as in, it’s not interesting at all. In fact, the solutions couldn’t be simpler.

The virus is spread by shared airspace? Don’t share airspace with others: Avoid large groups. Wear a facemask. Only go out for essential services.

It can be picked up from surfaces by our hands? Wash your hands. Sanitize surfaces. Don’t touch your face.

Elegance in the simplicity. Kind of a “Hey doc, it hurts when I do this – so don’t do that.” approach.

It’s a sort of simplicity that chiropractic care has promoted for decades. Most back pain is caused by physical injuries? Fix the physical injuries. Do what makes sense to get the back into the alignment and function it should’ve been in. Stop doing the things that caused the injury to begin with. Strengthen the muscles around the back to make sure you cut down your chance of re-injury.

By taking a “no joke, Sherlock” approach to health challenges, you can stay healthy during this crisis, and beyond!

- Dr. Scott Minton

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