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"I Just Slept Wrong!"

Have You Ever Felt Back Pain after Sleeping?

Something I often hear from people in the office or in the community

If your sleeping caused a crick in your neck or back, that is not normal!

If your sleeping caused a crick in your neck or back, that is not normal!

, is when someone has back pain from something as light as sleeping. “I just slept wrong” or “I bent over to tie my shoes” and the pain began. While the person usually believes the pain will go away on its own (and often times they are right), avoiding the actual problem can often times lead into further issues down the road.

How does someone get injured by sleeping?

If I asked you to punch a hole in a wall, your ability to do this would depend on two factors. First, your ability to provide a strong punch – if you’re setting a world record for punch strength, odds are pretty high that you can break the wall.

The second factor, though, is the stability of the wall itself. If it is unsteady, even a light force can break it.

Similar factors can cause injuries in our back. If someone falls down a flight and a half of stairs, odds are they’re going to have n injury to their back. If the person has chronic micro-traumas to their back from things like prolonged sitting, looking at technology, and excess body weight, however, then gradually the spine becomes more and more likely to receive an injury, to the point where something even as light as sleeping can cause an injury.

When it gets to this point, unless something is done to correct the underlying issue (such as corrective chiropractic care), even though the pain may go away the likelihood of re-injury can increase over time.

Fishers Indiana Chiropractor Provides Long-Term Relief

If you are currently feeling pain that began by a light amount of stress, we can provide a solution. The first step would be to get you out of pain, but it is even possible to stabilize the area and make it less likely to hurt your back by tying your shoes. Schedule an appointment today and begin feeling better!

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