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How Should YOUR Personality Type Approach Health?

Over the years I’ve been exposed to several different ways to measure one’s personality. Myers-Briggs was the first one, creating the four-letter abbreviation to try to explain the way you operate around your world. Then there was the DISC profile, to categorize individuals as a dominant, influencer, cautious, and/or stabilizer personality type.

Both of those are interesting, and a couple years ago my assistants and I did in-depth DISC assessments to get a better understanding of our strengths, weaknesses, and how we could feed off of each other in a positive way. But more recently, I’ve been introduced to another personality type called the Enneagram.

With the Enneagram, there are nine personality types that help explain what makes us tick. If you’ve never heard of it, you can try out a quick personality survey for it here.

Not only do the Enneagram personality tests tell us about ourselves in general, but they also can provide insight into our different strengths and weaknesses for achieving certain life goals. For example, if one of our readers takes the Enneagram test and finds that they are a Type 1 (The Reformer), they might find that their to-do lists are actually draining themselves of health and happiness. So they would improve their health by setting more firm boundaries on the length of those lists.

I think the idea of personality types is really interesting and enlightening and hope you guys do too! I found a great resource for health tips based on Enneagram Types here.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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