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Health through Memorial Day

Staying Healthy during Memorial Weekend

As we head into the holiday weekend, our minds and attention starts to drift to pure entertainment. The Indy 500, family gatherings, and the start of summer is almost completely what we focus on. To make sure you stay healthy throughout the holiday weekend, you may want to consider these simple tips:

  • Perform your strengthening rituals early

As family and friends start to gather for cookouts, poolside activities, and enjoyment of the national holiday, even the most committed of us begin to get distracted from our health-building habits and rituals. For that reason, it is easiest to easiest to get them all out of the way as soon as possible. Whether you are able to go outside for a good workout, perform recommended posture-strengthening exercises, or clear your mind from emotional and mental stress, doing these activities to get Memorial Day rolling will allow you to enjoy the festivities even more because you won’t have the burden of needing to do them later in the day!

  • Always in moderation

I know, I know – I’m at risk of sounding like a nagging parent here. But when it comes to our health, lifestyle choices and their effects don’t take holidays. At the end of the day you are in charge of your health and decisions, but the more you cut back on alcohol and junk food, the more your body will thank you.


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  • Rebuild after the holiday

At the end of the day, wanting anyone to stay on top of their health throughout each and every holiday is a tough ask. It is incredibly common for all of us to make a decision here and there that may damage our ability to heal and be pain-free down the road. As soon as things calm down, though, we have a great opportunity to immediately begin rebuilding the temple of our bodies and improving our physical health. I recommend that on Tuesday you re-commit to the proper habits of exercise, diet, chiropractic care, etc.


None of these tips are for my benefit, they are for yours. Memorial Day deserves to be honored and celebrated for all those who serve in our military, but it is definitely possible to do so in a way that still allows us to get the most out of our health. If you are currently looking for ways to resolve any health issues, call 317-598-5221 today to schedule your first visit.

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