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Follow Alexander Hamilton's Lead to Meet Your Health Goals

Last night I went to see the musical Hamilton with some broad (kidding, Jill!!). The show was incredible!! Beyond the amazing music itself, the pure talent was off the charts. Unforgettable experience, for sure.

For those of you who are unaware, the storyline of Hamilton is of the founding fathers of America. The main character is Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant who rises to become the right-hand man of George Washington and eventually Secretary of Treasury.

The amazing thing about Alexander Hamilton was his passion and resolve to leave a legacy of results. From writing 51 essays defending the Constitution, to negotiating the ability to create the U.S. money system, everyone around him is astonished at his work ethic. But while the first act ends with everyone perplexed at his work ethic, the musical concludes with those same characters marveling at the results he achieved.

One of the biggest things we can learn from him is how important vision is towards goal accomplishment. He wrote essays day and night because of the importance of the constitution. He took strong stances  because of his passion for the country.

It’s almost impossible to go through major discomfort for a long period of time just on a whim. Why are you working so hard? Is it because you want to prevent major diseases decades from now? Is it because you are sick of feeling run down and always tired? Focusing on the reasons why will help you stay strong when it’s easy to fall into motivation lapses!

– Dr. Scott Minton

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