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Down in the Dumps? Here are things to help.

These days, it’s really hard not to let Eeyore become our spirit animal. “It’s bad, it’s going to continue to be bad. It’s always going to be bad.” I’ve fallen into that trap more than I would like. But I’ve also found a couple things that have helped fight that tendency.

First, minimizing how much you watch the news. Not to say that you should stick your head in the sand on what’s relevant to you, but a lot of what’s being pushed around is outside of what you can control and doesn’t impact your daily life. For example, knowing that the state of Indiana is shut down through April is relevant and it impacts you; how European countries are fairing through all of this, not so much. There’s a tagline in the news industry, “if it bleeds, it leads.” This is a huge source of fear for many of us, and I encourage you all to be aware of what it’s doing to you.

The next thing I’ve found that helps me, is focusing on what you can control. This goes back to what I had in a blog last week – making sure you’re staying healthy physically. Getting active and getting the blood flowing every day. Keeping your mind healthy by reading and engaging in productive thought (not just binge watching Tiger King…regardless of how hilarious it is). Making sure to have social connections and talking to the people who are closest to you on a regular basis. Those are all steps that you can take to get traction and have more good days than bad.

The last thing I’ve found that helps, is to focus on the good things that are all around us. Not just that you’ve seen personally, but to take joy in others’ wins. Find joy in the triumphs of others, and you will start to see the world more positively!

- Dr. Scott Minton

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