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Double the Fun!!

Hey guys, anything going on in the world with current events?

We’ve all been hit to different levels from this coronavirus outbreak. It almost doesn’t seem real, how much the world is getting turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

I understand the need for safety as we work through this event. As far as our office goes, we are going to remain open until further notice, and we will take extra precautions to remain a safe healthcare environment for our patients. This includes wiping down the tables after every appointment, multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the office, and encouraging you all to stay home if you are showing any sore throat, fever, or other flu-like symptoms.

I do believe that in times of crisis like this, it is important for us to become a stronger community – not to become isolated from one another. That is why, effective this week, I am going to make a point to send out TWO blog posts per week!

The goal of ramping things up a notch is to keep everyone plugged in with us, and for me to stay involved in your lives as we move along. I’ll continue talking about topics that I believe will serve our readers, but I do encourage you all to give me feedback if you have certain topics for me to dig deeper into.

When the smoke clears from all of this, I’ll go back to writing once a week. But for now, just stay confident and know that we’ll get through this.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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