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Did You Know that I'm a Poet?

Whether the weather is cold, whether the weather is hot, we put stress on our backs no matter the weather, whether you like it or not!

Sorry, had to get the Dr. Seuss out of my system. Back to being Dr. Minton.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! It’s definitely starting to feel like summer, with the heat and humidity and whatnot. Something that I hear very often is about the cold affecting patients’ joints. That’s why, in my opinion,

Warm weather is the perfect time to get the body healthy!

Warm weather is the perfect time to get the body healthy!

summer is one of the best times to start seeing a chiropractor, for a couple of reasons:

First, with chiropractic rehabilitation often comes home exercises and stretches. Those can be a lot tougher if your joints are aching. By getting the toughest work out of the way during the summer, you’re already making yourself way ahead of the game to brace for winter.

Additionally, most people put significant stress on their spines year-round. This comes from the same repetitive movements from work, home, and hobbies. As your body’s shifting from those stresses, most of the adapting is irrelevant of the weather. So if you’re considering chiropractic care at any point in the calendar, go for it!

Finally, by addressing the alignment and function through chiropractic care, it helps set the framework to feel better when the weather DOES turn cold. This comes in the form of reducing nerve irritation and stress – that way, when the cold weather does lead to more inflammation and irritation, you’re not quite as close to the point of alarm signals firing off.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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