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Blogs are Awful, and Here's Why

Ok, maybe not all blogs are awful. And not all things about them are awful. But the reality is, it’s tough to give generic advice across the board for all of the people that read this blog. Especially because we’re working in the realm of healthcare.

Specific advice for a 20 year old hair stylists is going to be a lot different than specific advice for a 55 year old banker. They both have different physical activity demands, levels of wear and tear on their bodies, and are probably shooting for different health goals than the other person.

Sure, we’re able to give universal advice across the majority of readers for things like stress management, back pain prevention, etc. Everyone should drink plenty of water. Everyone should exercise. Everyone should get plenty of sleep. I personally believe that the vast majority of people would benefit from getting chiropractic adjustments. But the devil’s in the details, and if you want the best results you should consult a professional opinion.

Sooooo yeah…drink plenty of water. Talk to you guys next week.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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