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Be Like the Kansas City Chiefs

I hope you all enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday!! It was mostly fun because the Patriots finally weren’t in there – I didn’t have a rooting interest in either team, but both the Chiefs and the 49ers played hard and that’s what matters most.

As a casual football fan, I get a kick out of the interviews the players have to do before and after the Big Game. Granted I didn’t see every single interview that was out there, but I’m almost certain that none of the Chiefs players were asked “how did you guys get here?”

If any of them had to give an explanation of how they wound up winning the Super Bowl, I highly doubt that their answers would have been “you know, I really don’t know. We went out there, we played some football during the fall and the winter…and somehow we got this trophy!”

No, they realize the universal truth that large goals take intentional effort. They submitted themselves to the process, focused on small improvements every day, set smaller goals along the way, and stayed disciplined along the journey. They had setbacks along the way (their quarterback dislocated his knee in the middle of the season! Ow!!!) but they didn’t let those setbacks force them to give up.

When you dream of your vision of great health, what does that look like for you? Are you willing to put in the intentional effort to get there? Who do you need as resources that will help get you there? Stay focused on the ultimate goal, and one day you just may end up turning your dreams into reality.

– Dr. Scott Minton

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