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Back Pain? Try Sleeping More!

In the fitness world, there’s an old adage, “your muscles don’t grow in the gym. They grow in between gym sessions.” The thought process with that is, during a weight lifting session you’re putting feedback into the muscles by breaking them down. That tells the body, “oh smokes, I need to get stronger to handle that nonsense for next time.” And while you’re resting there are a lot of processes going on automatically, that gradually get you closer to your goals.

Periods of rest are when the body heals injuries and strengthens itself!

Periods of rest are when the body heals injuries and strengthens itself!

To an extent, the same thing holds true for chiropractic care. Yeah, adjustments can and often get someone into better alignment and moving better within a session. But the real magic comes from in between appointments, where the supporting tissues around the spine are given a better environment to heal and get closer to normal/healthy quality.

So, if you ever feel like you’re getting limited results, or if you ever hit a plateau, we’ll want to consider what’s going on in between appointments. Are you sleeping enough? Are there physical stresses on the back that are limiting progress? What kind of nutrition are you using to give nourishment to those tissues? Those are all minor things, but within those details often we can get back on the road to improvement!

- Dr. Scott Minton

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