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At a loss for health solutions? Just do this.

This morning, as I got ready to write this blog…I had nothing. For about a half hour, I just really couldn’t come up with anything so I was stuck banging my head against a wall. Not literally.

But then, I called some broad (kidding, Jill!!) and mentioned the difficulty I was having. And just like that, it hit me. Not literally. There are many people that are at a loss on how to address their health!

This usually leads to people trying to google the best diet for them, or using WebMD to look up their symptoms only to find they have 3 days left to live…(I knew that runny nose would be the death of me.). And when those don’t work, they’ll try to find another solution, all on their own. And so it goes, rinse and repeat, without a long-term answer being found.

For those of you finding yourself in that sort of situation, I suggest you talk to someone and just start bouncing ideas off of them. You could get some ideas from them, or it may get the creativity juices going in yourself. It could be a nutritionist, personal trainer, or other trained health professional – or it could be anyone else that you trust, to help give alternative solutions for you!

– Dr. Scott Minton

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