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Are You Skinny Dipping With Your Health?

The motivational speaker Zig Ziglar had a phrase, “When the tide goes out, you can tell who’s skinny dipping.” This phrase was meant in the context of financial investments and doing things that are too risky for long-term success, but I also noticed how it applies towards investing in health also.

It’s usually much easier to eat healthier and hit the gym during the New Year. It’s much easier to get outside and go for a walk on a nice summer day. But right now, we’re at kind of a “meh” time in the calendar.

As the weather’s starting to get colder, peoples’ focus is shifting more towards the upcoming holidays, and time can seem to slip away, it’s important to keep investing in your health. This is a “tide goes out” time for a lot of people as far as their health goes, your body will thank you if you stay focused on strengthening it!

- Dr. Scott Minton

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