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Are You Ready?

I have shocking news for you guys. Brace yourselves, you may need to sit down to be ready. Take a deep breath. You ready? Ok, here it is: Christmas is going to be on December 25th this year. Halloween is going to be on October 31st. Thanksgiving will be on the last Thursday of November.

Hopefully you guys could tell the joking in that paragraph (I’m funny. Trust me.), but every year it seems like the holidays come out of nowhere and few people are ready for it.

Now that we’re into September and about to head into Autumn, this may be the year that you would benefit from planning ahead. This would be the perfect time to save up and budget for holiday travel and spending, but also to start preparing for it through the health and wellness lens as well! Knowing that we tend to eat more sweets and empty calories during those major holidays, we can easily begin or keep push forward with our exercise and diet programs. That way, if/when we do slip up, you’ve already put yourself in a position that a small back-slide isn’t too devastating!

Oh yeah, and if you are planning on traveling a lot during the holidays, that has a potential to strain your back. So come see me.

- Dr. Scott Minton

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