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Meet Shayna Oliver, Licensed Massage Therapist!


Shayna is a born and raised Hawai’i girl. Her, along with her family moved from the island of Oahu to Indiana in 2017. Her passion for health and fitness stems from a deep passion for sports. Her involvement in sports began from the age of 1 as a gymnast, on into her high school career. She was involved in multiple sports from track and field, judo, cheerleading and her favorite- wrestling.

The influence that massage, chiropractic alignments and other specialties had on Shayna’s athletic career led to finding her passion. She has seen first hand how more manual approaches to therapy really help to heal the body. In a world where everyone is getting poked and prodded, Shayna is driven to show her clients a different way to heal their body, both inside and outside.

The world of massage therapy is so wide and growing. Shayna hopes to bring her knowledge and passion of massage, along with taking continuing education courses to create specific treatment plans for her clients.

How it started?

First, Shayna followed her interest in the healthcare field after high school as a physical therapy assistant at Kapiolani Community College (KCC) in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is where massage as a modality of care was first introduced to her. Massage came very naturally and became Shayna’s very own ‘superpower’. Fortunately, life has a funny way of redirecting us….and so, in 2019, Shayna enrolled in Indiana Wellness College and has been loving every part of it. She especially loves the clients that she has been able to help. Since graduating from massage Shayna has gained experience working with clients of varying ailments. She has previous experience in spa-setting massage and has had previous experience in other health-office settings making her a perfect fit for all of our loyal Indiana Chiropractic Center patients to get their full-body alignments. How awesome is that!

How it is going…BOOKED AND BUSY! So far at Indiana Chiropractic Center (ICC) our books have been filling with excited and eager clients. Many of her clientele have been coming from Dr. Scott’s already amazing client base and has been growing with our new “walk-in” clients. Feel free to call the office to schedule your massage session.

“Stress, headache, anxiety, toxins, pain, depression, muscle aches, Let it all go.”

Common Massage Q & A:

What type of massage is offered?

Shayna is trained in various massage techniques including: Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage & Prenatal massage. Shayna is constantly learning and expanding on her massage techniques by taking continuing education courses.

Do I have to undress for the massage?

No you do not. Every client is informed to undress to his/her own comfort level. As a trained professional Shayna uses professional draping techniques throughout the massage, reserving client privacy at all times, for those who choose to disrobe.

Do you offer aromatherapy?

Yes. We offer both lavender (sleep and relaxation) as well as peppermint (headaches)

What days is massage therapy available?


How long is a massage session?

We offer two session times 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Each session incorporates a short intake form and intake interview with Shayna in the massage room. This should not take more than 5 minutes so that the majority of your appointment time is hands-on.
“Massage is not just a luxury. It’s a way to a healthier happier life.”

Shayna Oliver, Licensed Massage Therapist | (317) 598-5221